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June 27 2016


Top Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Vehicles

A gps car tracker uses the Global Positioning System to detect and report a variety of data about a vehicle, including its current location, its speed, and its history. The data is reported via software for a laptop or mobile device. The software displays the vehicle on a map, which makes it easy to track and find. Some individuals use car trackers to keep tabs on their vehicles or drivers, but the devices are especially useful for businesses that own a fleet of vehicles and have many employees who are out on the road. Contractors, transportation companies, and delivery services can all get the following benefits from using GPS Tracking by LiveViewGPS.

Allen Baler

First of all, since GPS trackers report data on a driver's speed, a company can determine whether or not drivers are wasting fuel by exceeding the speed limit. Being able to see and correct this problem can help a business save money both on fuel costs and on insurance premiums that benefit safe drivers.

A GPS system can also track a vehicle's mileage and send alerts when it's time for maintenance. This can ensure that maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations are not put off or ignored.

A GPS tracker can protect your car or truck from theft by making it easy to find and recover. A lot of insurance companies offer discounted premiums to drivers who use GPS devices for this reason.

A GPS device also reports information that can add value to the customer. For example, a tracking device makes it possible for a company to accurately estimate a delivery time, and it can also allow a company to communicate promptly with customers when there is a delay.

A business can use GPS trackers to determine how productive their employees are by seeing how often drivers stop for breaks and for how long they're off the road. Thus, productive employees can be rewarded for their efforts and others can be encouraged to improve.

GPS trackers also make it easier for companies to accurately document things like travel time and distance, thus eliminating some paperwork from the driver's job.

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